Charlotte Waller – SEO Expert and Seven Continent Marathon Runner

 "I'm so used to running that when a group of us entered an intense 13 mile obstacle race I was more than a little concerned about the strength side! I had a number of PT sessions with Chris though and my strength and confidence improved massively and in quick time - we did own body weight work like press ups combined with exercises with the kettle bell and assisted weights; he really worked all the areas I wanted. The sessions are always fun, interesting and you ALWAYS wake up sore the next day! Chris really knows his stuff, he can work any muscle you want to improve and pushes you to your limit every session...even if you’re stubborn like me :)
I'm currently in training to run the Antarctica and Atacama Desert marathons in November which will be a week apart so I'm working with Chris on my endurance and strength and getting some awesome results!"

Nicola Maxwell – PA/Business Support Office Co-ordinator

"When I started training with Chris Hollis, 2 years ago, I was at that stage where I was no longer seeing results and felt de-motivated to train. I discussed my goals with him, my history of training plans, what I wanted to achieve and Chris was able to provide me with valuable advice and get me back on track. I have regular training sessions with Chris, Power Plate sessions/running sessions and free weight circuits all which have been extremely effective and having Chris’ encouragement throughout really is the way forward for me. One of my goals in life was to run a half Marathon which I managed to complete in October 2012. This was all thanks to Chris for his hard work and encouragement, without his support and consistency with the training programme, I certainly would not have completed the run in the time that I did. What’s more, I felt my strength was greater than ever before, and am now stronger, faster and making real progress all the time. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone who wants to achieve goals in life, if it’s weight loss, enhancement of fitness levels or just general improvement with your wellbeing. Chris’ knowledge and enthusiasm to training really is second to none and has the power to push you to your limits but at the same time feel good about yourself. Thank you Chris for all your dedication, hard work and help with all my training needs and requirements."

Stephanie Reynolds – Graduate Sales Trainee/Cheerleader

"I have been competing in competitive cheerleading for almost 16 years, however over the summer I had four months out of training due to work. When I found out I would be competing in the Cheerleading Worlds 2013 I knew I would need some extra help to get me to where I needed to be. So I found Chris at the Gym and told him that I would be competing in worlds in less than a year’s time. At this point I felt extremely unprepared, and worried that I wouldn’t be ready.
I started training with Chris last year, as he was able to point be in the right direction. Making my training sessions specific to my sporting requirements. Since training with Chris I have noticed a massive improvement, in my strength, flexibility and endurance, which has dramatically improved my performance. I now feel I am fully ready and confident to go and compete, knowing that I am physically at my best, thanks to Chris."


Jeremy Speed – NHS Public Health Specialist

"Chris prepared my training programme on my return back to Gym work back in January 2012. The programme helped to improve my aerobic fitness through a treadmill programme of interval training and contributed to me completing the Reading Half Marathon in 2012 in under 2 hours. Since then Chris has had me focus on an additional weight training programme which has improved my strength and power in the gym. My programme has allowed me to manage a back injury I suffer with which has improved immensely since embarking on this regime."

Catherine Keogh – Paper Artist

"Chris is an excellent trainer. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, patient and supportive he gives you help and encouragement to improve your level of fitness beyond your expectations. He listens to your requirements and amends your training plan accordingly. I have made great progress over the last 6 months especially in my running. I wanted to achieve a better time in 10k runs, within 4 months Chris has help me improve my time considerably. He helps you realise your true potential."

Amanda Jones - Accounts Assistant

"I have worked with Chris for quite a few months now to improve both my appearance and my fitness. From the start Chris has made me feel comfortable and was understanding about what I wanted to achieve. No session is ever the same they are varied and at the same time fun but always physically challenging so that I achieve my goal. I feel more confident, have more energy, feel stronger and have worked muscles I never thought I had. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone thinking of having personal training sessions, not only is he supportive but friendly, likable and always very professional."

Jessica F - Sports Therapist

“I have been running for 10 years in which I have competed in the 800m and cross country events at county and national level. Due to a change in lifestyle I found it hard to commit to training and suddenly became very sedentary. My fitness soon decreased and my motivation also. I have known Chris as a friend for 3 years and with his profession I knew he would be able to help. I really enjoyed working with Chris because although he is a friend, he was very professional and tailored my sessions well to suit my needs. I was impressed with how motivating and supportive Chris was; this straight away put me at ease and gave me the motivation to keep coming back. Chris gives you confidence in yourself and in your training which overall makes you feel good. Working with Chris twice a week improved my fitness significantly and it wasn’t long before I noticed toned legs, arms and tummy again!I would highly recommend Chris as a Personal Trainer, he really listens to your needs and then makes motivating and exciting  sessions which are gradually progressed as you become fitter. Chris has a great rapport with clients and works hours to suit everyone."


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