Three things which can help you lose weight during dinner

 Here are a few tips to help you lose weight while you are at the dinner table. It is worth a try if you are unsure about this kind of method and with regular forms of exercise, it can work.


Taking Time to chew your food

 This may seem random but do you usually think about how many bites you are taking before you start to swallow your food. Increasing how many bites you have between mouth portions will help you use your food more appropriately rather than wasting most of it when you eat quickly and will not digest the food properly.

 The average person takes in-between 8-15 chews on food before swallowing their food depending on what they are eating. Increase this to around 20-30 bites and this will help you appreciate the food you are consuming and will make you enjoy your food again. This will also lead to less stress on the stomach and less work effort so it can digest the food properly and use all the goodness in foods which can lead to a better immune system (immune systems help prevent against illness).

Big Glass, Smaller Plate

 With having a smaller plate, this will help prevent the need to fill the plate up with as much food as possible saving you from eating more than your body may want you to causing your body to fill bloated. So by reducing the size, you reduce the amount. If you had a big plate, you would want this, that and the rest on your plate otherwise you may feel that you’re not eating enough.

 With having a tall glass, this will help you digest the food easier going from your mouth, through to your stomach and then into your intestines. What I mean by this is that food can get stuck or if eaten too quickly, can cause indigestion in the upper stomach producing gas or pain. This will also help flow the food from one part of your body easier to another.

Eat at a table, not in front of the TV

 Ever heard of the impression when your at a restaurant ‘I can usually eat this when im at home’……..well it could come from two situations; either your not as hungry as you usually are or you eat in front of the TV at home instead of at a dinner table.

 By watching TV while eating can take your mind off what you have got on your plate so you may not know that your stomach is full but still continue to finish your meal. Your body will not use the food you have eaten and it will go to waste. It is slightly a physiological battle between your brain and your stomach where they may have two different opinions while you are eating but once you consider what you are eating and how much, they will come to an agreement on what you are feeling at that particular time during dinner.


 Hopefully this article has been useful and makes sense. Good luck in all your fitness and health goals.



Chollis Fitness Top 10 Motivational Tips

This blog was created by Elise Spicer from Scribe - Business writing services


 So, perhaps your resolution this year is to exercise more and get fit? We all start with the best intentions at the start of January, but if you’re not careful enthusiasm can quickly disappear and you will end up back where you started. Follow these tips to make sure you keep motivated throughout 2017. 

1) Why are you doing this?What do you want to achieve by the end of the year? Whenever you think you can’t be bothered to go for that run or go to the gym, remind yourself of where you want to be in 12 months. It helps to VISUALISE what you want to look like or what you want to be doing, and keep this picture in your head at moments of weakness.

2) Get kitted out properly. You will not want to exercise if your clothes don’t fit and make you feel uncomfortable. Get properly fitted trainers – if they aren’t the right size, this can cause problems to your feet further down the line. Having music player can help motivate during your training session music will get your pumped to exercise! 

3)  Tell your friends what you are doing.If other people know your intentions, they will check with you on your progress and support you to keep on going. Even better, make a public announcement on Social Media ( Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) of what you are going to do this year – you won’t want hundreds of people to think you gave up! 

4) Take progress pictures EVERY WEEK. Without fail. When you look in the mirror every day you won’t see much progress which can be demotivating. However, when you look back through your photos, you will be shocked how different you look! 

5) Set yourself mini challenges. This could be to hold a plank for 60 seconds, or to run for 30 minutes without stopping. Write these mini challenges down and tick them off when conquered. You will be amazed about how much you have achieved when you look at your list!

6)Use a fitness tracker website such as MyFitnessPal. You can log all of your exercise and keep a food diary, which helps you keep track of how many calories you have taken in and exerted in exercise. You can also track your weight – it just makes things a bit simpler! 

7) Don’t let your body down. Just keep reminding yourself – you only have one body for life. You want to do what is best for it. Don’t abuse it by being unhealthy and not exercising.

8) Hire a Personal Trainer. Sometimes you can get stuck in a fitness rut, where you have got bored with your current fitness regime, or you have hit a weight-loss plateau. Having the support of a Personal Trainer to give you a new lease of life – they can teach you fun, challenging workouts which will take you to the next level of fitness.

9) Join a group class. Most local gyms run group fitness classes which are affordable, in a wide range of exercises. How about trying a spinning class, or perhaps a Circuits class? They are a great way to make friends, and having an instructor to tell you what to do can make it easier to stay motivated.

10)   Prove people wrong. There may probably be people out there who don’t think you can stick to your fitness resolution. Show them what you are made of, and don’t EVER give up.

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